TCP - Touch Control Panel

TCP - Touch Control Panel

In terms of the human/machine interface, alarm indicator and operator panels play a vital role. Their task is to take system information and transform it into clear instructions particularly in the event of critical operating situations. The flexible TCP Touch Panel provides a solution that meets the demands of both modern medical equipment and industrial and functional buildings.

For example: In the hospital environment, they can be programmed to provide clear, user friendly information with respect to critical operating theatre systems. Clinical staff is presented with all controls and indicators at their fingertips allowing them to maintain the optimal theatre environment without disruption to medical procedures.

The touch screens are used for:

  • Displaying and visualizing system status, warning and alarm messages
  • Control and parameterize equipment from a central location
  • Output of visible and audible alarms
  • Display of actual values and programming of limit values for the purpose of monitoring
  • Communication to facility management systems via: PROFI®BUS, KNX®,LONWORKS, SERCOS interface, InerBus, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, CC-Link, DeviceNet, BACnet, PROFI®NET

Typical examples of touch screen panel controls and indicators:

  • Equipments for supplying medical gases
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Room lighting
  • Communication equipment
  • Operating theatre tables
  • Electrical IT systems monitoring
  • Special safety power supply source (UPS)
  • and other equipment from various manufacturers.

The integration of all the technical equipment in a single panel allows the creation of a kind of “technical control centre” in the appropriate room. Every control panel is individually designed. Suited to the individual specification and requirements as well as to the individual medical equipment.

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  • Easy-to-use, touch-sensitive control system for medical technology and other applications
  • Extremely straightforward user guidance for intuitive operation
  • Supplementary information for medical and technical personnel
  • Clear menu structure with self explanatory images and screen elements
  • Clearly labelled safety-related functions
  • No noise emission due to fan less operation
  • High quality images with excellent contrast, high resolution and a wide optional viewing angle
  • Possibility of graphical integration of building floor plans or photo-quality status displays
  • Smooth integration of external equipment, such as operating theatre table control system and intercoms
  • Any Non PLC compatible controls are mounted behind the membrane, within the overall panel fascia, adjacent to the touch screen. No additional panels are required and no exclusions or hidden costs are raised after order placement.
  • Bender surgeons panels (SCP) can accommodate fully integrated PACS viewers, PC and medical keyboard
  • Closed panel glass surface or unique life-long antibacterial foil surface
  • Screw less mounted front plate
  • Easy retrofitting and expansion, with minimal service interruptions and system down time
  • Hospital
  • medical locations


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