Series FM-Panels

Series FM-Panels

There are medical locations which do only provide limited options for circuitry. For these rooms FM alarm and control panels are the appropriate solution. They combine the advantages of text display and membrane surface.FM-panels represent a particularly convenient standard solution when all messages of the IT-systems resp. messages regarding the safety power supply systems (BSV) have to be provided.

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  • Display of text messages
  • Backlit pushbuttons available
  • Capacity for max. 200 messages
  • History memory for 250 warning and error messages
  • Programming via USB-interface
  • Easy to clean sealed membrane surface
  • Protection class up to max. IP54
  • Reflection-free antibacterial membrane surface
  • Labelling and colour of lamp caps exchangeable on site
  • Gateway for integration into central entry of all warning and error messages via OPC-server (optionally)
  • Buttons to display signal lamp test, clearing acoustic messages, read-out of history memory
  • Integration of further 3rd party equipment behind membrane surface
  • Hospital
  • medical locations


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