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  • Electrical safety for unearthed power supplies (IT systems)
  • Insulation monitoring equipment, insulation fault location systems
  • Power supplies for medical applications
  • Measuring and monitoring relays
  • Electrical safety for earthed power supplies (TN systems)
  • Using renewable energies efficiently: wind power, photovoltaics
  • Test systems for electrical equipment and medical technology


The divisible measuring current transformers of the CTAS series allow the measuring current transformer to be opened by means of a locking button and place them around the conductors to be monitored. This enables easy retrofitting in existing systems.

The divisible, highly sensitive CTAS series measuring current transformers in combination with RCM or RCMS series residual current monitors and evaluators convert AC currents into an evaluable measurement signal.

They are also suitable for use in insulation fault location systems for IT systems (EDS). The current transformers measure the locating current generated by a PGH locating current injector or an ISOMETER® iso685. In combination with EDS series insulation fault locators, the locating current is converted into an evaluable measurement signal.

The connection to the respective devices is made via a two-wire cable.


CTAS… measuring current transformers

  • For residual current monitoring systems of the RCMS460/490 series
  • For residual current monitors of the RCM420 series
  • For insulation fault locators of the EDS440 series in AC and DC systems

CTAS…/01 measuring current transformers

  • For insulation fault locators EDS441

Downloads for LINETRAXX® CTAS Series

CE Declarations of conformity CTAS 88.3 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2412.08.2022 06:17:24
Datasheets CTAS 1.4 MB DE2022/08/31 11:57:0431.08.2022 11:57:04D00452
Datasheets CTAS 1.4 MB EN2022/10/24 08:53:4524.10.2022 08:53:45D00452
Manuals CTAS 2.0 MB DE2022/08/31 11:56:4731.08.2022 11:56:47D00452
Manuals CTAS 2.0 MB EN2022/08/31 11:56:4731.08.2022 11:56:47D00452

Optional Accessories for LINETRAXX® CTAS Series

DescriptionArt. No.
Mounting clip 1)B98110015
Mounting bracketB98110016

1) Included in the scope of delivery of the CTAS50(/01) and CTAS80(/01). For CTAS120(/01) reduced mechanical conditions apply.

LINETRAXX® CTAS Series Variants

TypeInternal diameterMountingArt. No.
CTAS5050 mmScrew mounting, DIN railB98110009
CTAS50/0150 mmScrew mounting, DIN railB98110012
CTAS8080 mmScrew mounting, DIN railB98110010
CTAS80/0180 mmScrew mounting, DIN railB98110013
CTAS120120 mmScrew mountingB98110011
CTAS120/01120 mmScrew mountingB98110014