SOLIDO™ Pendants for Operating Theatres

SOLIDO™ Pendants for Operating Theatres

  • User-friendly and manoeuvrable
  • Adaptable and customisable
  • Maximum stability and adjustability
  • Reduces OR trip hazards

Merivaara offer a variety of horizontal and vertical pendants that are Class 2 B medical devices, designed specifically to facilitate clinical procedures in the operating room.

Solido electrical pendants provide a centralised supply of medical gases, data and electrical sockets within the patient area.

Available in multiple configurations with different service head, arm and monitor options, the pendants can be adapted to suit the needs of the theatre staff and surgeons with all required electrical, gas and medical components and a range of accessories that can be constructed to customised specifications.

These ceiling-mount pendants are designed to provide maximum flexibility and reliability and improve efficiency and work flow of clinical procedures. The braking system ensures anti-collision and maximum stability within operating theatres for patient safety.

Designed, installed and maintained by Bender UK.

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  • Wall and ceiling mount solutions
  • Fixed or adjustable height
  • Variety of source head and arm options
  • Class 2B medical device according to Medical Device Directive 93/42 ECC
  • Various electrical sockets, gas and data outlets available
  • Available in tandem, monitor, lights or patient lift configurations
  • Rotation of arms can be limited (upper arm 1° and lower arm 30°) to prevent collision
  • Made of extruded aluminium and epoxy powder coating for improved hygiene
  • Operating theatres
  • Anaesthetists rooms


Mandatory accessories for SOLIDO™ Pendants for Operating Theatres

There is a wide range of optional accessories available:

Variants of SOLIDO™ Pendants for Operating Theatres

Weight of the arm system
with the maximum
admissible load (kg)
Maximum torque
exerted by the
system (Nm)
Single arm swivelling 0‐330° 600mm400-4982527
Single arm swivelling 0‐330° 900mm270-3722789
Single arm swivelling 0‐330° 1200mm200-3063103
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 600+600mm220-3463034
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 900+600mm200-3303689
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 900+900mm180-3144243
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 1200+900mm150-2884613
Single arm swivelling 0‐330° 800mm with motorized lift2604203712294
Single arm swivelling 0‐330° 1000mm with motorized lift1806003142423
Single arm swivelling 0‐330° 1250mm with motorized lift1457502832835
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 600+800mm with motorized lift2604203994076
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 600+1000mm with motorized lift1806003423905
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 900+800mm with motorized lift2604204035161
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 900+1000mm with motorized lift1806003464828
Double arm swivelling 0‐330° 1000+1000mm with motorized lift1806003485148

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