W…/W…-8000 series

W…/W…-8000 series

W… and W…-8000 series measuring current transformers of the are highly sensitive mea­suring current transformers which measure AC currents and convert them into evaluable measurement signals, in combination with RCM series residual current monitors resp. RCMS series residual current monitoring systems.

In addition, the measuring current transformers can be used in combination with insulation fault locators (EDS) for IT systems. They are designed to measure the test current generated by a PGH locating current injector or an ISOMETER® IRDH. In combination with EDS series insulation fault locators the test current is converted into evaluable signals.

Connection to the respective devices is via a two-wire cable.

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  • W… measuring current transformers
  • For RCMS460/490 residual current monitoring systems
  • For RCM420 residual current monitors
  • For EDS440, EDS460 and EDS490 insulation fault locators

  • W…-8000 measuring current transformers
  • For EDS441, EDS461 and EDS491 insulation fault locators
  • for insulation fault locators (EDS)


Optional accessories for W…/W…-8000 series

TypeWidthArt. No.
Snap-on mounting for W20-W35, W20-W35-800043.5 mmB98080501
Snap-on mounting for W60, W60-800050 mmB98080502

Variants of W…/W…-8000 series

TypeInternal diameterMounting
DIN rail
Mounting brackets
Art. No.
W2020 mm××B98080003
W3535 mm××B98080010
W6060 mm××B98080018
W120120 mm--×B98080028
W210210 mm--×B98080034
W20-8000*20 mm××B98080009
W35-8000*35 mm××B98080017
W60-8000*60 mm××B98080027
* For EDS461/491 and EDS473/474 series insulation fault locators

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