WS…/WS…-8000 series

WS…/WS…-8000 series

WS… and WS…-8000 series split-core type measuring current transformers can be opened using the interlock knob to enclose the conductors to be monitored. That allows easy retrofitting in existing installations.

WS… und WS…-8000 series measuring current transformers are highly sensitive measuring current transformers of split-core type which in combination with RCM series residual current monitors and RCMS residual current monitoring systems convert AC currents into evaluable measurement signals.

In addition, the measuring current transformers can be used in combination with insulation fault locators (EDS) for IT systems. They are designed to measure the test current generated by a PGH locating current injector or an ISOMETER® IRDH. In combination with EDS series insulation fault locators the test current is converted into evaluable signals.

Connection to the respective devices is via a two-wire cable.

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  • WS… series measuring current transformer
  • For RCMS460/490 series residual current monitoring systems
  • For RCM420 and RCM460 series residual current monitors
  • For EDS440 and EDS460/490 series insulation fault locators

  • WS…-8000 measuring current transformer
  • For EDS441, EDS461 and EDS491 series insulation fault locators
  • for insulation fault locators (EDS)


Variants of WS…/WS…-8000 series

TypeInternal dimensionsMounting bracketsArt. No.
WS20x3020 x 30 mm×B98080601
WS50x8050 x 80 mm×B98080603
WS80x12080 x 120 mm×B98080606
WS20x30-8000*20 x 30 mm×B98080602
WS50x80-8000*50 x 80 mm×B98080604
* For EDS441 and EDS461/491 series insulation fault locators

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