Information tuesday about the IT system #6

Learn more about the applications of an IT system

Looking back to our previous posts, we learned more about the IT System but where to use an IT system? 
There are places where continuous power supply is essential, at worst it can mean a matter of life and death. For this reason, the use of an IT system is compulsory in operating theatres and intensive care areas. In combination with innovative insulation monitoring technology, the IT system contributes to protecting people and installations against the hazards of electrical current by eliminating critical system and operating conditions or by detecting and signaling them at an early stage.  But the need for a reliable power supply is also increasing on ships, in manufacturing plants, process plants, data centres, airports, transport systems, heating systems etc. 
Often an IT system offers the best technical solution, read about the various application possibilities.

Informationsdienstag zum IT-System #6